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Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer resulting from asbestos exposure?  You are not alone.  Let us help you fight this terrible disease. Please call our mesothelioma hotline toll free at 1-866-777-2557 to get the facts.  Or fill out our online contact form and a Perth Amboy Mesothelioma Lawyer will get back to you within 24 hours to answer any of your questions.  You may be entitled to financial compensation to help you pay for medical treatment, and leave something behind for your family.  This is a free, no obligation consultation.  We stand by our no fee guarantee, which means there are no legal fees or costs to you unless we help you recover money at the end of the case.  Operators are standing, call now.  Toll Free 1-866-777-2557.  Call now. Mesothelioma Lawyer New Jersey

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How much do I have to pay to hire a mesothelioma lawyer?

We have a no fee guarantee which means there are no legal bills or fees to you unless you receive money at the end of the case.

Do I have to litigate or file a lawsuit?

No.  Money is available in court ordered trust funds.  You can use this money to pay for medical treatment and bills, and leave something behind for your family.

What is mesothelioma?

It is a rare and aggressive form of cancer.  It is only caused by asbestos exposure.

Our loved one has passed already passed away, can we still make a claim?

Perhaps.  In some circumstances, you may still be entitled to a financial award even after your loved one has passed.  Please call us to learn more.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please check out our frequently asked questions page.

Mesothelioma Lawyer Perth Amboy New Jersey

Asbestos Trust Funds New Jersey

Mesothelioma patients are not just sick people in need of medical care; they’re also victims of companies’ illegal and unethical behavior. Asbestos is known to be the cause of almost all mesothelioma cases, and its dangers have been known to doctors and researchers since the early twentieth century. People who have mined asbestos or manufactured products like asbestos insulation are at high risk, especially if they did not use ventilators and other protective gear in their work. In many cases, executives of companies that made asbestos products knew of the dangers employees were subjected to, and concealed them in order to keep profits high.

Since the late 1960s, a wave of lawsuits has forced companies to pay out money to victims of asbestos-related health problems, with many companies paying out huge settlements in hopes of being able to continue functioning as a company. These companies file for chapter 11 bankruptcy, a type of corporate bankruptcy that allows a company to continue to operate.  These corporations are protected from further lawsuits, but set up trust funds to make money available for the victims. Examples include the Johns-Manville Corporation, which made roofing materials.  

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If a person has developed an asbestos disease, and worked for a company that has established a trust fund, they are entitled to file a claim.  If the claim is relatively straightforward—the person fits the criteria established by the trust and has the employment and medical records to prove it—they can file for expedited review and received a payout of a fixed amount from the trust. Individual review may take place if the claimant does not meet the official criteria for a claimant (for instance, they were not an official employee of the company, but were exposed to asbestos in some other capacity), or does not want to be limited by the fixed payout amounts the trust is offering.  In these cases the claimant would typically hire a lawyer to assist them in negotiating with the trust.

There are 30 billion dollars total available to asbestos victims, with most going to victims of mesothelioma, the most serious of this class of diseases.  Over 50 companies have set up trust funds. Payout amounts are often in the tens of thousands and can help victims with medical bills and missed work. However, this does not guarantee that each person will receive what they need to pay their expenses. If a company is no longer in existence, the amount of funds available may be dwindling. In order to avoid running out of money, the trust administrators may establish “payment percentages,” in which claimants receive just a percentage of what their claim is hypothetically worth—sometimes just 10 or 25 percent.

Mesothelioma Lawsuit Perth Amboy New Jersey